Lauren, from Lauren Scott Events, has your guide to adding fresh florals to your home:

Adding fresh flowers or plants to your decor is the quickest and easiest way to brighten up and add life to any room in your home! Below are three categories of flowers that are inexpensive and an easy 'DIY' that are sure to add the perfect touch to your space.

I. Orchids
Orchids are beautiful and elegant, and add height to any space. Add the potted orchid to your own favorite container and place in bright, indirect light. If taken care of properly, orchids can be enjoyed for months!

II. Succulents / Cactus / Air plants
I always have some type of succulent in my home, I can't get enough of these low maintenance plants! They require a modest amount of water but do need an abundance of light. Succulents, cactus, and air plants do best in a bright, sunny area of your home. Mix and match one of each in a fun container, and polish off with moss, sand or rocks

III. Roses
Roses are available {and beautiful} all year round! Roses come in almost any color palette, and range from small to large buds. Once cut and placed in water, they can last for over 7 days! Roses are easy to arrange and grow more beautiful by the day.

We would love to see you put Lauren Scott's tips into action in your home! Post a photo of your fresh flower on Instagram and tag Aledo Moms!


You have an affinity for beautiful homes. A Modern Farmhouse...a Classic Colonial...a Spanish Hacienda. You swoon over beaded light fixtures, relish in JUJU wallpaper, or can be found taking pictures of Pacific Table's coffered wall in UPV, simply because... you get it...beautiful things matter. Let us guess, you have a Dream Home Pinterest board and My Dream Kitchen Houzz Idea Book. Inspiration is your middle name. Homes are your love language.

Yet, there is something that no one tells you....headaches. Headaches were had in the making of that beautiful space or that subway- tile kitchen you just pinned. Thousands of decisions and countless meetings were had in the making of that home. Beautiful homes don't just happen.

This is where the Bannister experience matters. This is where their deep-rooted passion meets yours. Determined to create a process where the clients' experience is tremendously rewarding and dreams are made a reality, the team at Bannister is there to see your home through from start to finish.


The smell of fresh paint sends jitters down your back. Fabric samples make you jump for joy...quite...literally. Architectural Digest is your choice of novel.

Not to mention, you watch HGTV... Fixer Upper to be specific...any free moment you have...

It's no secret that Fixer Upper has swept the country, at Clarity they are all charmed by the dynamic duo, Chip & Joanna Gaines. Their collaborative design powerfully speaks and reminds us of the lasting impression timeless style brings.

In fact, the Clarity team recently stopped in Magnolia Market to retrieve a few treasures for their two upcoming model homes.

They have one challenge for you...try & find another home builder at our price point that resembles what you find in Fixer Upper. Clarity has been told that their homes look like what you see on Fixer Upper and for them this is a hard-earned, much-appreciated truth.


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