Hear from the dynamic duo at Lutz Studios, an #Aledo10 entrepreneur to watch this year!

We are Lindsay & Brandon Lutz of Lutz Studios. When we first tried to pick a name, we wanted something that would capture who we are and what we are about. It was as simple as that. We are a husband-wife team that loves to capture your moments.We are located in the heart of Aledo, and we love serving Parker County! We also are partial to the Fort Worth area because of our TCU roots. Go Frogs!

Our story starts all the way back in September of 2016. A friend of ours asked us if we wanted to film their wedding. We looked at each other reminiscing about the only project we had done together. We were dating at the time, and shooting this previous project wasn’t a fond memory. This film was for a mission trip to Belize, and we struggled to see eye to eye the whole time.

However, these friends told us they wouldn’t take no for an answer. So, we reluctantly said yes.

As we prepared for their day, we began to realize that in the midst of learning how to be adults, we had sacrificed the creativity in our lives. We were both working full-time jobs and we had been starving for a creative outlet. Creativity has always been a part of each of us. Music, art, film, etc.

This beautiful November wedding in 2016 opened up a door for us we didn’t even know existed. We started to dream about what it would look like to grow together, work together, and serve together. The more we dreamt about it, the more excited we became. We look back at 2017 as a year of growth. We met other beginners as well as established business owners. We invested in our own education. We decided we wanted to run our business like we live our lives, so we established an official name, set up the proper accounts, and even hired a bookkeeper, Lindsay’s father.

We when looked at the business owners around us, we learned that the most important thing about starting and growing your own business is to be 100% yourself. We have to be true to who we are if we are going to have any sort of success. For us, success looks like this: spending more time together, growing in genuine relationships with other creatives and our brides and grooms, and creating lasting heirlooms that our brides and grooms are proud to show their kids. It takes a lot of hard work. And we aren’t perfect. But, we always choose to show ourselves a little grace as we take the time to figure it out. We have learned a lot about ourselves and made many friends in this year that we are so grateful for. We look into 2018, excited and hopeful.


We love capturing joy-filled brides and grooms that spend the day celebrating their relationship, family, and the beginning of their next adventure! We love shooting weddings, families, and videos, but have done many projects outside of these categories that we love! Our style is bright and genuine. Mostly, we hope to capture who people are.


One of our goals as Lutz Studios is to find brides and grooms that we really connect with. Many times, we tell them that we want them to be completely sold on their wedding photographer. You spend more time with these individuals than you do with your soon-to-be spouse on your wedding day. We want to make genuine connections with couples, vendors, and our community. We love getting to know these brides and grooms and building relationships after their special day. We hope to build a community beyond the wedding.


From a personal and business perspective, one of our hero’s is Dave Ramsey. One of our values for our business and home life is to be debt free. We’ve learned so much from Dave’s wisdom, so much so we feel we are on a first name basis with him. In our Aledo community, we couldn’t be more grateful for our closest friends over at Timber & Jane. Taylor & Ryan Aldridge are local business owners that we have had the privilege of walking along side in life and in business. They began their company shortly before us, which gave us the courage to start dreaming up ours. We learned from some established business owners like Kim & Josh Rogers. They have had many successful business adventures with photography, realty, and, currently, home building with Dwell Construct.

We have also recently befriended some local vendors like Avery Earl with Avery Earl Photography and Sharon Goldberg at Stillwater Meadows who have tucked us under their wing and invited us along in their world. Working with these talented individuals has not only encouraged us but made capturing special moments that much more exciting. I can’t think of any other job where you get to meet so many amazing individuals.

Be on the Lookout for more from this dream team located in Aledo, TX!




Hear from the heart of Laura White, founder of Camp Odyssey:

I feel the two years my family and I have been Aledonians is not enough time to explore and discover all of it’s gems. I have found that my go to spot is my kiddos school. 

I know.

That makes it seem as if I’m going for mom of the year or something of the like. Connecting with other parents as we celebrate the fleeting moments of our babies’ lives and share glimpses of our lives with one another is a special time (even for an introvert).

 When I am at the school I see my loves, and every child there, learning, discovering, having fun; Surrounded by a team of teachers and staff doing their very best day after day. This team guides all of our children academically and in so many positive ways that aren’t covered in the curriculum. I know that in considering moving to Aledo the school district was the number one reason on everyone’s tongue. I believe Aledo is more than just a one trick pony- Locally owned shops, strong sense of community, and the daily inspirational messages on the chalkboard sign on 1187 North, just before the railroad crossing.  


In creating Camp Odyssey, the team got a EUREKA moment that wasn’t all that hidden. The future of our Earth and world is in the hands of our children. That’s a ton of responsibility and how would I feel if someone came up to me and said, 

“Hey, Laura! Guess what! The fate of the world is up to you. Hop to it!” 

What in the world am I supposed to do with that? Do I have superpowers now? Can I fly? Can I have an instruction manual?

Unfortunately, not one person on the team can fly but with serious brainstorming and discussion we decided that we could do something.  Our mission is to create an experience for children to connect, be inspired, discover their own passions, and create lifelong memories.

Along with an array of traditional summer activities let’s set the scene for kids to dip their imaginations in the realms of science, nature, art and the unexpected. My responsibility and calling as a mom, camp leader, and resident of our Earth is in nurturing our youth and helping them shape their own fantastical futures. Starting in Aledo! Our success will certainly be measured in the daily happiness of our campers but more importantly in their future endeavors.

Camp Odyssey is one of the many reasons Aledo is a unique place to call home. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity for your children to make lasting memories! 

To contact the team at Camp Odyssey, click here!